Schedules and objectives for the typhoon relief and support mission to the
people of Tacloban City, Leyte island, Philippines.   February 2015  

Flights... Lynette and I (steve Bowkett)  are already booked for Sunday 22nd Feb 14 with Jetstar JQ212 to
Manilla with a layover at Singapore from 4:45pm Sunday 22nd continuing on to Manilla at 6:20am 23rd to
  Any New Plymouth team members can share a van on offer and drive to Auckland on saturday 21st Feb
to stay the night at Airport Manor hotel who provide shuttle to Auckland Int Airport for our 7:15 flight.
  We are travelling light with cabin luggage up to 7kg only. Not much clothing neccesary in the tropics!

We can all rendevous on 23rd Feb in Manilla at the Kabayan Hotel not far by taxi from Ninoy Aquino Int
Airport and close to the super mall: Mall of Asia. Pick up a sim card soon as poss for your smart or cheapo
cell phone.  Leave your new number with the desk for other members arriving... open to suggestions here.

A domestic flight south to Tacloban possibl via Cebu City the following day(24th Feb) is suggested.
Tickets can be bought online with Philippine Airlines. About $90

A good and cheap hotel in Tacloban called GV Hotel is suggested and used by me in June. It is downtown
Tacloban.  The "Leyte Lumber" warehouse where we will buy plywood, iron etc is not far. We get around
town on short trips with tricicad motorbikes and to further parts to ministry areas with multicab vans shared
with public.. All very cheap. From the airport to town use taxi.
Proposed relief work and ministry :

Previous relief work with the newly formed housechurch at Emmas house in Barangy 79 is still
needing some attention with incomplete repairs to dwellings and it will be good to meet with the
group for fellowship and some teaching as invited. We normally meet around 7 pm so the daytime is
for practical helps. A rest after lunch is recommended if the days are hot.
 About 20 families represented here and two families are living at a 'tent-city' and could be helped
to get a wood structure underway. We will use some local lads to assist in construction. We buy and
transport materials from Leyte Lumber almost on a daily basis.  We will carefully assess the needs
on arrival by talking to people and pastors to be our most effective.  

Contact has been made with a local pastor called Nikko in a suburb close to Emmas and his church
building is still under repair and church members needing help. He has two children. His church is
called "Jesus Christ is the Answer" It comprises 30 families and many children. He has 9 families
unable to complete repairs. It will be great to do what we can for these folks and even some work on
his church building.
Tickets home again will be purchsed soon. Open to suggestions on the length of time. It would be
good to spend 2 to 3 weeks in the area to make some impact. Some may need to return home
earlier but by then we are seasoned travellers!

Fund raising to start in earnest soon as possible and also open to ideas on this. Please ring around
friends for any sponsership and believe God for supply. it will be good to make a mark on Tacloban
for God's glory and make friends with these wonderful and appreciative people.