Tacloban City,   (pop 220.000)    Leyte Islands, Philippines,
devastated by Typhoon Yolanda, Nov 2013
Typhoon Yolanda was the worst ever
to hit the Philippines and was
accompanied by a 4metre crushing
storm surge that levelled homes and
neighbourhoods and killed over
10,000 people. A year later many
families are still in tents or broken
shelters patched by tarpulins and
have no help to get their lives back
on track.
Emma's house ruined... but became
our meeting place in Barangy 79
Many Families still in tents
Rescue mission for February 2015
A team of volunteers and myself from New Zealand are planning a 3 week trip back  to
Tacloban this coming February to assist the least able of typhoon affected families to
rebuild their homes. These folks are those still living in tents and having to endure
summer heat or the wet season rains.
Building is done with locally sourced plywood, roofing iron and coconut lumber and an
average single room house costs less than nz$1200.  We are currently seeking funds to
help as many families as possible and we will manage the building and use local help
within each 'barangy' (community area).
I was involved in a smaller scale project in the area in June of 2014 in which 20 families
were assisted with building materials and some hands-on building. Those very
appreciative folks look forward to meeting us again and to help us help their neighbours.
It was a shame to leave last time having only done a little for the great need but in
February we are planning to have a great impact.
A good effort needs a team... both those able to assist on the ground
and those who can help with the building materials needed.
Please do help.
online:  TSB Bank, Tacloban relief Fund,  153944 0289204 00
Contact  Steve Bowkett  64  027 755 1395    ssbowkett77@gmail.com
This is our team departing Feb 22...... Lynette Betteridge, Justin Butler, Xavier Smith and Steve
News Update..... we had a successful 3 weeks in Tacloban where we constructed houses for 3
famillies and assisted also their neighbours with repairs and providing materials... plywood, roofing etc
Next... a project planned for september 2015 to assist at least two more families with
houses awaits help with funds. One couple lost their home and the other also and
miraculously survived being dragged under water with her two small children.
we would love to help these and if you can assit with any amount please contact.
Nepal... currently researching the possibilities of adapting our quick-build plywood
designs to materials available in Nepal. Hoping to get there in September and we're
making some contacts in more remote areas hard-hit by the earthquakes.  Please get
in touch if you can help in some way or be part of a building team in September.
       Online bank for donations all towards house materials:  
                    TSB Bank,     Nepal Housing Project,       153944 0289204 00