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Artesano furniture by Steve Bowkett
Some of my new work available for purchase
Record cabinet with random sculptured squares that
open 8 large drawers for LP records. Small handles in
the form of golfing tee's placed in the junctions of each
4 squares. Made with timbers: yew and swamp kauri.
Imagine this style used to make bedroom drawers.
Measures: 1500cm long, 40 cm deep, cabinet 80 cm
Priced at: $2500
A long low unit that could take a flat screen television.
Made from Eucalyptus and Tamo Ash. The handles
are carved snails so not necessarily  centred!
Could take any size TV with room for
equipment and dvd storage.

The enthusiasts Back Gammon table made with
mixed NZ natives of rimu and kauri with marguetry
wedges of mahogany and swamp rimu. It has lighting
around the inside edge to illuminate the game.  $1180
Email:  Phone: 027 755 1395
The stool.. single seater on oak with mixed wood
The top is dished in for comfort and the mitre
strengthened for durability.
Priced at $580
Large rectangular table with 8 chairs in solid Oak.
This suite is dark-walnut stained and finished in 2-pot
polyurethane for durability and stunning appearance.

Pricing around $2500 for the table,  $550 per chair
This suite $6900