Update for Nepal earthquake relief
Our team of 7 are leaving soon on another house building mission to Jiri and
Sindhupalchok of Nepal departing 4th April 2017. We plan to build at least 8
houses using local stone, locally grown pine and plywoods.

We have given advance notice to recipients to prepare a low stone wall for
the houses that will increase thermal mass but not pose a risk in
earthquakes.  We have had the able assistance of our friend Pastor Kirti to
co-ordinate this and to help select the most needful to receive help.
Stone walls prepared with local stone left
over from broken houses. We will build
another 4 foot above this and then the roof
with trusses.
We the team:  Ray Painter, Justin Jones, George and Rosie
Smith, Michelle and Seriah Williams and myself Steve Bowkett  
would like to thank you for your generosity in making this
project possible.
We look forward to helping the wonderful Nepali people
and will have some good news to share on our return.
Steve Bowkett  Ph 027 755 1395
webpage:  www.artesano.co.nz
T.S.B Bank
Nepal Housing Project
Acc:  153944 0289204 00